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Welcome to the newly extended BNRSorb range of market leading spill kits absorbents and marine spill control, imported for USA. It is important to protect our environment and create a safe and productive work atmosphere for the employees. For any industry handling liquids, spills are to be expected. Hence the companies must have “a plan to prevent spills that may occur” and have a "detailed containment and cleanup plan" for spills.

Sorbents or Absorbents are the cost-effective solution that helps customers protect against leaks, drips and spills that create safety hazards in the workplace. Sorbents rely mainly on how much exposed surface area there is within the weave. The finer the melt-blown fibers, the greater the amount of exposed surface area for absorption. We supply the most efficient and effective sorbent products, thanks to the innovative technology.

Services we offer

High quality services of multiple Industries

We carry a wide range of sorbents, wipers, rags, granular, spill pallets and over-packs to absorb, contain and protect. We offer exceptional service, quality and value to support your business. We thank you for the opportunity to be of service!.

Oil & Only

Oil only absorbent pads and rolls are specialized for absorption of hydraulic oil, motor oil, brake fluid, cooking oil, turpentine and many more oil-based fluids.


Maintenance Absorbent are ideal for absorbing oil and other industrial fluids cleanly and efficiently. They are lightweight and very quick to deploy.


Chemical Absorbents are used to handle and clean up spills of acids, bases, paints, unknown liquids, corrosive and hazardous chemicals.

Spill Kits

Absorbent spill kits will equip you with everything you need to respond quickly and clean up spills for almost any fluid. .


Oil Platform rigwash and degreaserring.Rig wash is a highly concentrated, heavy duty cleaner/degreaser formulated for oilfield and

Secondary Spill
Containment Units

Secondary spill containment is the containment of hazardous liquids in order to prevent pollution of soil and water.